Equipment Sales

Buy from the best
The phenomenon of Silent Disco is spreading like wildfire - all over the world, demand is growing for this noise-friendly entertainment. We have our equipment custom manufactured to our own high specifications and are happy to offer it for sale to those who have more demanding requirements than a straight-forward hire.

Why buy Silent Disco equipment?

Your own rental business
Throughout Britain and Europe enterprising individuals are setting up their own Silent Disco rental companies, the kit represents a significant investment but for a product that is in great demand. We can provide everything from the equipment to hints & tips as well as after sales support and maintenance.
Home kit
Pretty much everyone who attends a Silent Disco falls in love with the concept and has a great time, and a significant proportion of our customers hire equipment again and again - if you're a real fan why not buy your own personal home kit? Imagine 25 headsets and a transmitter you can break out at any gathering...
Static purchase
Do you have your own club or venue? Perhaps you regularly hold a Successful Silent Disco night - if so investing in your own kit could save you £££s in the long run. We can supply everything needed to run your own regular night.
Occasionally in some specific circumstances it suits an individual or organisation to temporarily own some equipment (normally to avoid sustained rental fees) but seek to sell the kit after their usage - we're happy to buy back equipment under agreement.

Forthcoming Events

We've branched out, our first fully fledged franchise has begun as a strategic partnership with The Global Events Company who will now be offering Silent Disco across Turkey
Silent Ceilidh
Silent Ceilidh is steadily sweeping the festival scene - we'll be showcasing it at its birthplace - Sidmouth as well as the Cambridge folk festival.

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